Ashley Adams Ashley Adams
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168 cm

Ashly Adams
Ashly Adams

06/03/1995 (27 ages)


56 kg

Ashley Adams was born on January 1, 1992 in the United States of America. She grew up in an ordinary family and was an only child. At the age of 15, she lost her virginity and at the age of 18 decided to become a porn actress. But, this idea did not come to her by chance. Her best friend, who was two years older than the girl, invited her to go with her to the casting. Ashley thought that her friend wanted to become a movie actress, but when she saw what she was doing in the studio, she wanted to try it herself. In 2010, Adams signed a contract and began acting in adult films. Hiding your hobby from relatives. She loves gentle sex and does not mind playing pranks in a group sex with double penetration. He dreams of starring with famous actors and appearing in a Snoop Dogg video. Ashley wants not only to be a porn actress, but also to prove herself in other industries, so that there are no unnecessary questions from relatives, where the baby gets so much money. As the actress herself admitted, she wants to open a veterinary clinic, because she loves animals very much. The beauty has no awards and nominations. She met with a fitness coach, but when he found out about Ashley's work, he broke off the relationship.