Casey Calvert Casey Calvert
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17/03/1990 (34 ages)

Casey Calvert is one of the few porn actresses who hides her name in every possible way and everywhere acts exclusively under a pseudonym, the origin of which we will tell a little later. The famous beauty was born on March 17, 1990 in Gainesville, Florida, USA. After graduating from high school, the girl was eager to get a higher education and therefore, without hesitation, entered the University of Florida, from which she graduated in 2012 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in film production. Also, the brunette additionally studied zoology and anthropology. However, in the third year, the beauty decided that she already needed to start earning money to stop "sitting on the neck" of her parents. While working as a model, Casey Calvert realized that she likes it when people admire her figure. That is why, as soon as the girl realized that pornography is not illegal, she decided to try herself in this direction. And she chose this pseudonym in honor of a professor who taught media law, since he is the very person who made it clear that shooting in adult films is not only illegal, but also is the most ordinary work. On November 5, 2012, Casey began her career and to this day continues to do what she loves, getting not only money, but also pleasure.