Cassie Del Isla Cassie Del Isla
Birth Place:



168 cm


27/04/1991 (33 ages)


55 kg

At the mention of French women, each of us has a certain idea in our head about a girl whose figure is elegant and refined, and whose manners are on top. Actually, Cassie Del Isla is a beauty originally from France, which meets all the requirements listed above. However, you can argue about manners, because in her films a chic girl performs what decent ladies never dreamed of. The brunette was born on April 27, 1991, and began her career in the porn industry relatively recently. But, despite this, Cassie Del Isla has already managed to earn popularity among her colleagues and, of course, all fans were pleased with her arrival in adult films. It can not be said that the girl began her career gradually, because one of the first videos in which she took part was a scene with anal sex. In addition, in almost every movie, the beauty shows off, although small, but neat, attractive and, most importantly, natural tits. Also, Cassie is not averse to showing skills in deep blowjob, and occasionally she even appears in scenes with lesbian sex and proves to everyone around that even girls can bring to the peak of pleasure.