Paris Hilton Paris Hilton
Birth Place:



172 cm


17/02/1981 (43 ages)


56 kg

Paris Hilton was born in New York City, on February 17, 1981. Despite her age, the singer and actress still continues to surprise fans with revealing outfits when she appears at various events. Many do not remember, but once upon a time a celebrity filmed a home video with her ex-husband, which soon hit the Internet. Actually, therefore, a cute blonde model can be considered not only a "socialite", but also a real porn actress. It happened after Pamela Anderson divorced her husband, and Paris Hilton seduced him and persuaded him to have sex. Instead of serving the man with a blowjob and demanding cunnilingus in return, the beauty allowed to shoot what was happening on the camera and, of course, accompanied it all with loud moans. Because of this, the star was not famous in the best light, but she did not deny her participation in the home video. Now the model herself admits that she is ashamed of what happened, but, as many publications suggest, she continues to shoot adventures on camera, as she really likes to admire herself.