Stacy Cruz Stacy Cruz
Birth Place:



177 cm

Little Pia, Stacey Cruz
Little Pia, Stacey Cruz

24/03/1999 (25 ages)


58 kg

Many people know that Czechs, like Russians, are very popular in the West. Stacy Cruz decided to check it out on her own experience and went to conquer the porn industry. The young and groovy beauty, not afraid of trials, began to act in a variety of scenes, including traditional, lesbian, interracial, anal and even group sex. A cute girl with big tits was born on March 24, 1999 in the Czech Republic. The cutie weighs 57 kilograms, and her height is 160 centimeters. One of her favorite activities is to give pleasure to her partners with the help of oral caresses. This applies to both boys and girls. She happily licks the sweet pussies of her partners on the set, knowing that she will get the same in return, as well as enjoy the toys. Also, Stacey Cruz does not miss the opportunity to cum profusely from a big black cock, and therefore in scenes with interracial sex so greedily pounces on partners and begins to pamper them with a deep blowjob. After oral sex, the insatiable Czech woman gives herself not only to the pussy, but also to the tight ass, as it is from this sex that she gets a bright and unforgettable orgasm.