Chloe Lamour Chloe Lamour
Birth Place:



168 cm

Cloe Mendini, Chloe Lamoure, Chloe Lamur
Cloe Mendini, Chloe Lamoure, Chloe Lamur

07/03/1992 (32 ages)


70 kg

It's no secret that big breasts and a delicious ass are half the success in the porn industry. With these parameters, a sexy girl from Slovakia decided to start acting in adult films and soon became one of the most popular actresses. Thanks to the chic figure, the beauty immediately received universal recognition and continued to work in this direction with great pleasure. Chloe Lamour was born on the seventh of March 1992 and at the time when she decided to become an actress, she already had quite a good experience, which undoubtedly helped her break into people. At the moment, the brunette with big breasts actively continues her career as a porn actress and is filmed not only in scenes with masturbation, as before, but also in lesbian and anal sex takes part. In addition, because of the appetizing forms, Chloe Lamour can often be found in films where a large amount of oil is used, and this is not surprising, because wet breasts become even more attractive, and the actress herself can excite any colleague on the set many times faster and, of course, bring him to the peak of pleasure. Also, the busty beauty regularly reminds the audience that she has not only a stunning figure, but also talents, and therefore in almost every film, whether it is a scene of traditional or anal sex, she shoves members into her mouth.