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01/01/1970 ( ages)

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LiveAlx is one of the most mysterious actors of our time, about which almost nothing is known. There is only information about what preferences the webcam star has, and it is also known that he maintains his own channel on Telegram, where he regularly uploads new videos. Actually, it's safe to say that LiveAlx leads an open personal life, which he shows in each of his videos. Filming homemade sex on camera without productions and scripts, the actor earned universal recognition and gained such popularity that he had never dreamed of. He often shows on camera how he has hard sex with the opposite sex, and quite often punishes innocent girls by spanking their elastic asses with a whip. From this, the beauties in the commercials only get stronger and happily carry out every assignment of the man, trying to bring him to the peak of pleasure as soon as possible. It is also known that the actor was born in 1986, and began his webcam career relatively recently, and to this day continues to fill the channel with content in the style of "first-person" and "hard sex".
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