Evelina Darling Evelina Darling
Birth Place:



157 cm

Anka Minetchica, Nataly, Natalie
Anka Minetchica, Nataly, Natalie

02/12/1996 (27 ages)


60 kg

Russian porn actresses are very popular both in their hometowns and throughout the country, as well as abroad. So Evelina Darling was no exception. The star was born, as you might have guessed, in Russia, on December 2, 1996. Despite the rather young age of the actress, during her career, which, by the way, she began in 2015, she managed to star in many films and was liked by a huge number of viewers. Now a pretty beauty with brown eyes actively continues to do what she loves and is convinced that porn is not just a job, but the meaning of life and, of course, an activity that gives unreal pleasure. The Russian woman is in no hurry to get married, despite the fact that she has already received similar proposals from fans many times, she still prefers to have sex in front of the camera lens and repeatedly proves that she does it, if not on an equal footing, then certainly better than other porn actresses. With a rather small height of 166 centimeters, the girl weighs 57 kilograms and boasts not only an appetizing ass, which she twists in every film, but also a magnificent breast of the second size. On stage, the girl prefers to have traditional and anal sex with men, and also does not refuse scenes with lesbian sex, where she proves that she can also satisfy partners of the weaker sex without much effort.