Mary Rock Mary Rock
Birth Place:



168 cm

Marchy Rock, Mary Roo
Marchy Rock, Mary Roo

08/07/1995 (28 ages)


49 kg

In Russia, a large number of different talents were born, which can include Marie Roque. It is this girl, born in 1995, so attracted fans, and therefore to this day continues to delight them with unique content. The actress was born on the eighth of July and already at the age of 24 has a large fan base, for which she tries to look irresistible every day, which, in fact, she copes with. The Russian brunette is filmed both with guys, engaged in traditional, anal and oral sex, and with girls. Mary Rock can not boast of lush breasts, but, fortunately, she believes that small and neat forms only help the girl to look more elegant. The actress is 168 centimeters tall, and she has quite a lot of hobbies. In this list, you can safely add sports hobbies, dancing, swimming, as well as, as Marie herself assures, shopping. Guys and girls who do not miss a single video with Rock, she hooked not only forms, but also a complete immersion in what is happening in the frame, which not every actress can boast of. In all the videos, the girl completely gives herself to work and does everything to make the fans happy.