Rae Lil Black Rae Lil Black
Birth Place:



144 cm


17/08/1996 (27 ages)


45 kg

Rae Lil Black was born on August 17, 1996 in Osaka, Japan. If you like Asian women with their miniature forms and squeaky voices, then special attention should be paid to her. This lady started her career in adult entertainment in 2017. The weight of a Japanese woman is 44 kilograms, and her height is only 152 centimeters, which undoubtedly indicates a miniature figure. Despite the pretty face and such parameters, the girl, oddly enough, loves hard and hardcore sex. She is fluent in her mouth and can, swallowing large members to the very tonsils, bring any man to the limit in a matter of seconds. She also demonstrates the depth of the throat and alone, shoving long rubber dildos down her throat. Ray Lil Black has also been filmed in scenes of lesbian, traditional and anal sex. He also loves triolism scenes and group sex, where he gets a violent orgasm over and over again, and sometimes even treats himself to sperm.