Sicilia Sicilia
Birth Place:



164 cm


10/07/1986 (37 ages)


51 kg

On December 13, 1986, a pretty girl was born in Hungary, who is now known to almost every porn fan. However, until 2013, Sicilia - this is the name of our current heroine, and could not think that she would star in adult films, and even get unrealistic pleasure from it. But now a pretty blonde with blue eyes and a lovely figure can easily bring to orgasm any man not only in the frame, but also the one who watches her films from home. With a height of 161 centimeters, the girl weighs 48 kilograms and boasts a second breast size, which, of course, shows in every video where she takes part. Sicily is a porn actress who is famous for a large number of scenes with lesbian sex. After watching a couple of movies, it is safe to say that this beauty skillfully works with both fingers and tongue. However, on cunnilingus for partners on the set, Sicilia did not stop and also occasionally has traditional sex with men, from which she gets no less pleasure.