Lady Bug Lady Bug
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152 cm

Irena, Irena A, Lady Bukk, Marketa, Mäuschen, Riders
Irena, Irena A, Lady Bukk, Marketa, Mäuschen, Riders

05/09/1996 (26 ages)


49 kg

No one is surprised by the fact that Czech women are not only pretty girls, but also good porn actresses. And this is not surprising, because at the moment there are a huge number of stars born in this country and have reached certain heights in this industry. So Lady Bug is one of those girls who decided to try herself as an actress of adult films. Despite the fact that the beauty began her career in 2016, that is, relatively recently, she is already one of the most popular and recognizable. And all thanks to a cute face and, of course, a chic figure, which she impressed not only the audience, but also the producers. Without having a large breast, Lady Bug manages to show her best side, which further excites the fans. Now the cute actress regularly engaged not only in masturbation in front of the camera, but also participates in lesbian scenes, and also gladly gives herself to the guys-colleagues on the set. In addition, opening any video with the participation of a Lady, you can make an obvious conclusion that the work not only brings money to the girl, but also brings a lot of pleasure, which means that she will not stop there and will continue to shoot naked.