Syren De Mer Syren De Mer
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168 cm

Syren De Mer, Syren Da Mer
Syren De Mer, Syren Da Mer

24/06/1969 (54 ages)


57 kg

Cyren de Mer can be called a veteran of the porn industry, as many actresses looked up to her when starting their careers. This lady was born on June 24, 1969 in Bellingham, Washington, USA. After school, she moved to Seattle, where she successfully graduated from the Art Institute. Around this time, she began dating the artist André Darca, whom she soon married. She also started working as a model, and one of the common activities that kept the marriage afloat was swinger parties. In 2006, she decided to try herself as a porn actress, which she successfully did. The mature beauty is pretty well preserved for her age, and she herself claims that all this is due to active training and, of course, hot sex during the filming. Has a silicone breast, and also boasts an appetizing ass. Several tattoos and piercings are what additionally decorates the already beautiful body of Syren De Mer. At the time of 2020, it is known that she lives in Los Angeles, but she does not forget about Seattle, which became her home during her studies. She brings up two children, and also actively continues to do what she loves - to fuck in front of the cameras. During her career, Siren managed to appear in more than 400 films, many of which contain scenes of interracial, anal, group sex, as well as elements of BDSM.