Blair Williams Blair Williams
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28/03/1994 (28 ages)

Blair Williams is one of those girls who would never have thought that she would act in porn, and moreover, so professionally and skillfully. The future star was born in California, USA on March 28, 1994. The pretty little beauty grew up near Los Angeles, where she was educated at a Christian school, and then moved to a Catholic school for girls. After the actress graduated from high school, she began working as a nanny, and also worked as a preschool teacher at a parochial school. What was the surprise of the parents when in 2015 the daughter quit her job and started acting in a talk show called The Sex Factor, where she won and only then started filming in adult films. Despite the fact that her parents did not approve of this choice, Blair Williams actively continued to act in porn and to this day is moving up the career ladder, becoming more and more famous and popular. Until May 2017, the girl was engaged exclusively in traditional and lesbian sex, and also took part in scenes with masturbation, and then, as an experiment, she agreed to anal sex. Now the beauty practices all kinds of sex, and penetration into the back hole is her favorite pastime.